Radon Testing and Radon System Home Inspections 

Professional NRPP Certified Radon Testing Services
for Homes, Multi-Family Apartments, Schools, and Workplaces.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. Breathing Radon can damage your DNA and can cause Lung Cancer and other significant health risks. Radon is odorless, colorless and tasteless, so the only way to know if the structure has elevated radon levels is to TEST! The team at ACE Radon are Certified with the National Radon Proficiency Program and are experts in both radon detection, radon analysis and mitigation design and installations.

Testing for radon is essential in assuring your Indoor Air Quality whether selling a property in compliance with Colorado’s disclosure laws, buying a new home, renting, or concerned regarding your workplace or school.  Our Certified Radon Measurement Professionals serve the greater Denver metropolitan area and provide affordable testing you can trust to protect your family from radon. Learn more about radon on our informational page here.

Why Is Radon Testing Important

More than 50% of ANY structure in contact with the ground in Colorado has higher radon levels than the EPA recommends. Out of all 50 states, Colorado has the #7 highest amounts of radon due to decomposed granite in the bedrock. Therefore, Radon mitigation is critical for those living in the Colorado greater Denver area and mountains.

Radon Exposure is the second most common cause of lung cancer in the United States. Half of the DNA damaging ionizing radiation a typical person is exposed to in their life comes from radon intrusion into our homes, apartments, schools, and workplaces. Radon testing is the only way to be sure you are not breathing in radon gas and putting yourself at risk for cancer.

Any building in contact with the ground, especially in Colorado, can have dangerous levels of radon. Hiring an ACE Radon professional to perform an inspection, test, and radon system design is the best way to not only detect high radon levels but create a radon mitigation plan to prevent long-term exposure to radon, which is a Class I Carcinogen.

How To Choose The Best Testing Method?

Our certified measurement staff will help you determine the best testing approach, explain the results and provide recommendations!


-EPA Approved Activated Charcoal

-Continuous Monitor Testing


-Alpha Track

What Should Be Tested?

ANY Building in Contact with the Ground!

-Single Family Homes

-Apartments, Condos, Duplexes & Townhouses

-Workplaces & Commercial Buildings

-Schools & Daycares


When Should You Do Radon Gas Testing?

Hiring an ACE professional for radon testing and diagnosing a radon problem is a good first step whenever you are unsure if you are being exposed to radon.  Determination of the best radon testing measurement device and length of the test are important and best determined by a Certified Professional. There are critical times when radon measurement and inspection should be considered.

  • When buying or selling a property
  • 2-4 weeks post-mitigation (after installing a radon management system)
  • Periodic testing of your current radon system to ensure its effectiveness

A minimum of re-testing every two years in the same home or building or you have occupied

Radon Exposure Chart by Ace Radon

Choose ACE Radon for Radon Inspection

By choosing ACE Radon for your radon gas testing, you can ensure that your home or building is tested accurately for radon by a Certified Professional. Since 1987, ACE has protected the Denver metro area and Colorado families in reducing radon exposure and installing systems built to last.

We take great care in testing your home, building, or business for radon levels. Whether you already have a radon mitigation system installed, or want to get an inspection for the first time, radon testing is critical for those living in Colorado. If living in a rural area with a well as your water source, ACE also can test your well water for radon, as well as make recommendations for mitigating the well water.

ACE Radon will make an appointment for a professional consult, test, and mitigate. No job is too big or too small.  We inspect all areas and provide a radon plan that is thorough and compliant with all radon protocols.  ACE will consult with you to provide the right Radon test. If it is an initial assessment a radon test can be deployed for a minimum of  48 – 72 hours, to provide you with an accurate test for the proper time period of your radon levels, as well as provide a free quote on new state-of-the-art radon mitigation system installations.

Contact ACE Radon

Don’t risk exposure to cancer-causing radon. Call ACE Radon directly at 303-753-1044 to schedule an appointment for professional radon testing or to inquire about any of our other services. For a free quote, contact us here.

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